service idea

We persist in the perfection of service and quality, regard the owner's satisfaction as the pursuit of the enterprise, respect the user's intuitive feelings and service requirements. Providing users with thoughtful and subtle services and responding to the intentions of the users are powerful guarantees of user support.

After-sale service

The equipment arrives at the site, receives the written notice, dispatches the engineering technical personnel to set out within 24 hours, is responsible for the complete set of equipment installation, the debugging, and trains the user's related operation, the maintenance personnel on the spot, waits for the customer's technical personnel to be able to operate this equipment separately to leave the scene.

The product warranty period is one year.

1. The supplier is responsible for repairing or replacing the quality problems arising from normal use within the warranty period.

2. If the equipment is damaged due to abnormal operation or other abnormal conditions, the supplier will make repairs and replacements (at cost only).

Receives the user notification (fax form) equipment unusual. Within the province. Installation and maintenance personnel will be sent out within 24 hours, and departure will be made the next day at a distance from the field. (if you have any special circumstances, consult with the user again).

_Dispute resolution, the two sides in a friendly and cooperative attitude, negotiate to solve engineering problems, jointly responsible for direct users. New users are regularly tracked and visited every year, and old users are tracked and visited irregularly to understand the needs of users and solve the difficulties of users.

Spare parts business services

Tate Road Construction Machinery will provide spare parts and technical support to customers free of charge within the equipment warranty period. If the equipment exceeds the equipment warranty period, it will provide preferential prices to equipment users.

Equipment maintenance, relocation and transformation services

Tate Road Construction Machinery can carry out nanny maintenance, overhaul and renovation of mixing station equipment whose guarantee period exceeds one year.

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